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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Individual/organizational Donors

  1. Irrespective of the geographical locations, race, cast, religions and class, anyone can donate for the humanity and social wellbeing,
  2. Once donated amount will never be returned at any cost.
  3. Arati Foundation Nepal will show its details expenses of the donated amount at any stage of project while the donor/s is/are interested to seek the transparency. However, the program activities are regularly updated in our website with the name and logo of the funding agencies or name of the individual.
  4. The entire donated amount will be expensed in social wellbeing and development activities within Nepal.  However, the organization will manage its human resource, office running cost and other miscellaneous cost from the same amount according to the organization’s policies and guidelines.
  5. Arati Foundation Nepal is not responsible and accountable to the source of the donated amount which is donated by the individual or organization/agency. It donor will be fully responsible to show the validity and source of the amount in his/her country.  


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